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[2017-06-24 18:25:42]

I'm not a huge fan of supplements but Cobon is my absolute favourite This concentrate juice contains yeast that help convert food into energy and reg 続きを見る

[2017-06-21 22:03:43]

This lip plumper / lip gloss from Hi Mi Tsu is currently on sale for 3000yen reduced from 4320yen🙌🏻 Out of 5 shades, the one I was given is Botan, a b 続きを見る

[2017-06-19 23:10:06]

I know chemical deodorant is said to be harmful but I have to admit that I'm a fan of antiperspirant and chemical deodorant, because I hate the feelin 続きを見る

[2017-06-14 17:36:08]

I've been loving Airy Flow from #Shiseido that gives natural volume whilst making the hair feel soft and smooth But actually the best part is the sce 続きを見る

根本にも巻髪にも!La CASTA … [2017-06-12 00:00:00][ブログ記事へ]

La CASTA アロマエステ スタイリングフォーム ボリュームアップ 1,944yen 6月は、猫っ毛さんにはつらい時期ですよね朝髪を洗って完璧にスタイリングしても、どん 続きを見る

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