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[2020-04-02 08:20:38]

AFC Sou Kai Kan Shinto Biyou Sui 250ml 2,800yen ✄   This ‘seruminloton’ might be good for you if you have got 続きを見る

[2020-03-29 12:06:55]

Moist Labo Flora Charge Mist 45ml 1,650yen ✄   Moist Labo Flora is a new brand from Meishoku, one of the oldest 続きを見る

[2020-03-28 16:37:55]

ESTESSiMO Pleacert Veil SPF40 PA+++ 30g 4,000yen ✄   If you have been following me for a while, you know I love 続きを見る

[2020-03-26 16:15:40]

Mandom Chiaco Body Scrub 200g 1,430yen ✄   If you’re looking for a mild and effective scrub to use on a daily b 続きを見る

[2020-03-24 05:08:52]

La ViLLA ViTA Rehair Concierge 3,200yen ✄   After trying out La ViLLA ViTA Shampoo a few weeks ago, I have been 続きを見る

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