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[2018-06-19 09:40:01]

LILMOON 1DAY Creme Grege 1,800yen     I own 3 shades of LILMOON Coloured Contacts; Creme Beige, Water Water and 続きを見る

[2018-06-18 11:11:40]

Dr’s Supple White Ceramide 62 tablets / 7,000yen   The new addition to my daily supplement routine is Dr’s Supple 続きを見る

[2018-06-17 23:54:37]

Play on Make Bloom Cheek / Rose Plum 1,280yen   I had an opportunity to try out an affordable blusher called ‘Boom 続きを見る

[2018-06-13 16:01:48]

Meishoku Botanical Moisture Lotion🌿 200ml 1,080yen    I am excited to introduce you to to one of the latest edi 続きを見る

[2018-06-07 00:51:48]

It looks like an antibacterial gel, but it’s actually not👋🏻👋🏻 It’s a hand soap that you can hang from your handbag from joycoco✨   This is what 続きを見る

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